Regular Porta Potty

A self-contained portable toilet with a range of uses is referred to as a conventional porta potty, sometimes known as a standard or classic porta potty. It normally consists of a holding tank that can hold many gallons of waste, a toilet seat, and a urinal, and is composed of sturdy plastic.

Our rental business takes pride in offering our clients porta-potty rentals that are of the highest caliber and dependability. The ordinary porta toilet, which is one of the most well-liked alternatives we provide, is ideal for a variety of events and job sites.

This page will explain what a conventional porta toilet is, the various types that are offered, its features, advantages, and situations in which you should think about renting one.

Various Regular Porta Potty Types

To meet your unique demands, our rental firm provides a range of standard porta-potty options. These consist of:

  • The most popular kind of ordinary porta potty comes equipped with a toilet seat, urinal, and a holding tank that can contain up to 60 gallons of liquid.
  • The deluxe porta potty offers users a more comfortable and hygienic experience by including a flushable toilet, a sink with running water, and a mirror.
  • The high-rise porta potty is an alternative is taller and narrower than regular porta potties to fit into small places and incorporates a lifting hook for simple movement to higher floors. It was created expressly for use on high-rise construction projects.

Characteristics of a Standard Porta Potty

You can anticipate the following features from our standard porta toilet rentals:

  1. The urinal and toilet seat
  2. A locked door for security
  3. Ventilation to lessen smells
  4. Dispenser for hand sanitizer
  5. A mirror, a shelf for personal stuff, and a toilet paper holder are optional extras.

The Advantages of Renting a Standard Porta Potty

Renting a typical porta toilet for your occasion or business site has lots of advantages, like:

Convenience: In areas without access to permanent restrooms, a conventional porta potty offers a practical solution for providing restroom facilities.
Hygiene: Our standard porta potties are made to encourage hygiene and cleanliness, and they have features like hand sanitizer dispensers and ventilation to cut down on odors.
Cost-effective: When it comes to temporary events and construction sites, renting a basic porta potty is frequently less expensive than setting up permanent restrooms.
Versatility: Standard porta potties are appropriate for a range of situations, including outdoor weddings, festivals, construction sites, and outdoor concerts.

When to Think About Renting a Standard Porta Potty

There are various scenarios when it is advantageous to rent a standard porta potty, including:

Outdoor gatherings: If you’re holding an outdoor gathering, such as a wedding, festival, or concert, renting a standard porta potty can give your attendees easy access to clean restroom facilities.
Construction sites: Regular porta potty rentals can help job sites that lack access to permanent restrooms by giving employees a comfortable and hygienic area to use the restroom.
Emergency scenarios: Regular porta potties can offer a crucial sanitary option for persons impacted by natural disasters or other emergency situations.


For your specific needs, our rental firm offers a range of ordinary porta-potty alternatives, including basic, deluxe, and high-rise models. These portable restrooms come equipped with a toilet seat, urinal, and holding tank that can accommodate several gallons of waste. They also have ventilation and hand sanitizer dispensers to encourage cleaning and hygiene.

Regular porta-potty rentals are an easy, affordable, and adaptable way to provide restrooms in a range of circumstances, including outdoor events, construction sites, and emergency situations. You may offer a convenient and hygienic restroom option to your visitors, employees, or people impacted by emergencies with the help of our routine porta potty rentals.

Additionally, we offer extra add-ons like mirrors, racks for personal goods, and toilet paper holders so that you can tailor our rentals to your particular needs. As a result, a standard porta potty is a flexible and practical option for offering toilet facilities in a number of environments.

Our Brownsville Porta Potty can offer you a dependable and high-quality porta toilet rental that matches your demands, whether you’re having an outdoor event, working on a construction site, or facing an emergency. To find out more about our rental alternatives and how we can assist you with your restroom needs, get in touch with us right away.